ITE Trainee

14. Occupational Identity: Examples 2 & 3

The following video clip introduces examples from Stephenson College in Leicestershire, England, focusing on the college's motor vehicle provision . You will see interviews with the Principal (Nigel), Head of Department (Mark) and teachers (Adam and Chris). 

The clip introduces occupational practices and standards in industry, and Chris and Adam discuss the relevance and context of a course, recognising the opportunities available with local industry partners. In addition, Mark reflects on how quickly the curriculum offer may adapt, and how these revisions may present themselves.

Simon, Ahad & Zahir

The following video clip presents examples from Kirklees College in West Yorkshire, England, focusing on the college's engineering and process manufacture provision. The interview features teachers Simon, Ahad & Zahir, and introduces the opportunities that are available for students, whether via extended or day release placements with employers. In addition, the teachers reflect on their own previous professional experience and how this informs approaches to their own planning and delivery.


Which practices from your previous professional experience inform your practice as a teacher?

How do you identify opportunities that support your continual professional development?