ITE Trainee

13. Occupational Identity: Example 1

The following video clip introduces an example from Blackburn College in Lancashire, England. The interviewees are Warren, a teacher who delivers across a range of levels on the technology provision at the college, and Peter, who is Head of Department for this subject area. You may remember Warren from previous video examples, which featured him working with students on a computer networking course. 

During this interview clip, Warren and Peter discuss the relevance and context of their course, recognising the opportunities for co-operation with stakeholders and local industry partners. In addition, other aspects are raised such as continual professional development and opportunities for revision to course content.


In thinking of your own role identify examples where a discussion with stakeholders or partners helped in the revision of a course.

In thinking of your own roles and duties, are there opportunities for continual professional development with relevant professional bodies? If so, which ones?

Where would you find reliable labour market information in relation to your subject or occupational area?

How might this data inform the planning of new or existing provision?