Subject Leader

13. Dual Identity

The following video clips introduce examples from Stephenson College. You will see interviews with the Principal (Nigel), a Head of Department (Mark), and a teacher (Chris). The clips introduce considerations on occupational standards in industry, and how this informs the curriculum at Stephenson College. 

In the first clip Nigel discusses his own reflections on the 'dual identity' of teachers in technical subjects. 

Curriculum updating through skills competitions

The following clip sees Nigel explaining the enhancement of the curriculum via participation in skills competitions.


In thinking of your own role and duties as a subject lead, identify examples where a discussion with stakeholders or partners helped in the revision of a course.

Do you have access to opportunities for CPD with relevant professional bodies? If so, which ones?

You may be in a position where you manage or mentor other teachers. If so, which CPD opportunities would you recommend to colleagues?