Industry Placements & Links

Building Industry links and placements are a key component of T Levels. Providers have built capacity to support extended placements by using the Capacity and Delivery Fund (CDF), and are now in the vanguard of the first industry placements for their T-level students. Through working with employers in the design and delivery of the curriculum builds synergy. 

Industry placements: employer perspectives


Employer perspectives:

Employers share their experiences of what students on industry placements have brought to their businesses.

Industry placements: student perspectives


Student perspectives:

Students discuss how their placements have supported their learning.

Scroll through the case studies below to see examples of industry placements in practice, featuring:

  • An example of an Oldham College student on an extended placement with a small business; Co-Op News;
  • In Lancashire, Eric Wright Construction and Preston's College working closely to develop their industry placement offering;
  • Ultimate Products hosting students from Oldham College on industry placements in several departments across the business.

1st year: Implementing Industry Placements

Provider perspectives:

Providers talk about how they have worked to increase the numbers of partners available for T-level industry placements.

The importance of Industry Links

Building industry links not only helps students get meaningful placements, it develops pedagogy and brings increased relevance to the curriculum of what is going on in industry